It is a long established fact

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ISOTECH - The international school of Optics

Alternet was tasked by ISO France to develop a fresh new approach for the launch of their website for North America. A fully customizable, responsive experience was created, highlihting the benefits of the academy for this new Market.

SSR LLC, Sector & Sovereign Research

Alternet developped a modern website for this differentiated investment research firm. This fully responsiv website coupled with a document management and security features had propelled access to published research studies and thus increase conversion rate and ROI.

Ivy™, the Interactive Video Agency

We have been committed to create the next generation of Internet TV Platform for Ivy™, the Interactive Video Agency, to leverage the skyrocketing consumer demand for online video and tap into powerful new sources of revenue from Internet video advertising and syndication.

Wolfgang, Roth & Partners Fine Art

WRP Fine Art brought world class exhibitions to the South Florida arts community for four consecutive years. The gallery opened with a retrospective of Horst Wackerbarth's The Red Couch series in October of 2008. WRP needed a simple yet elegant web presence, we designed and developed just what they wanted. Providing them a fully responsive web site where potential clients coudl explore the Gallery and Artwork

BMG/ZOMBA Music Publishing

BMG / Zomba, now Universal Publishing Production Music is a music catalogue of unrivalled breadth & depth, crafted specifically for media use.
Alternet designed a system from the ground-up to manage BMG's music catalogue around the globe.

Wellbox by LPG

Present in more than 110 countries, LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation with its exclusive and 100% natural slimming and anti-aging technology (LPG patents). Alternet helped introduce the Wellbox to the U.S. Market and worldwide.